De Vrieskluis van Loon

The “Vrieskluis” in Loon
Changing collection of unique vintage items, glassware en local products

Within a few months, the village of Loon (nearby Assen, Drenthe) will have another new attractive place to visit as at that time at Peeloërweg 2 atelier “De Vrieskluis” will be opened. The “Vrieskluis” (cold store) of Loon has a long history. Its history has been documented in the magazine “Loner Bladtie”. The Vrieskluis was built in 1960 as a cooperative cold store for the people of Loon and surrounding areas. The Vrieskluis has been in operation until 1984 and then  went into decline.

The Vrieskluis is currently being renovated and will get a new destination from April 1st,  2018. The Vrieskluis will then have been transformed  to a warm and cosy place in Loon where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea, taste homemade jam and browse the collection  of vintage items, decorative glass ware and local products. Visit also our webshop to get a small impression of our diverse collection. There is a lot more available to see in our physical store (in the “Vrieskluis”). Among others, the collection contains glass from famous glass studios such as Glass factory Leerdam, Iitala, Kosta Boda Orrefors, Svoboda, and local glass artist Cees van Olst. Feel free to make an appointment to visit us and to  enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and homemade jam.

The Vrieskluis is currently open by appointment only. You can make an appointment by sending an e-mail to